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Welcome to Cat-Strollers UK

Cat-Strollers UK is a useful guide to all the types of cat strollers available for cat lovers, who want to spend a little bit more time with their cat or kitten. We also offer useful tips, advice and articles on how to train your cat to use a cat stroller. We also offer help on maintaing your cat stroller so it will last for many years to come.

Why use a cat stroller?

Using a cat or kitten stroller is an easy way to transport your feline friend easily and safely. Your cat or kitten can be secured within the pet stroller, allowing them a to have a very comfortable, restful and protected journey wherever you plan to go. Cat strollers are perfect for long excursions or just everyday trips like paying a visit to the vet, a nice trip to the park or just browsing around the shops.

What is a cat stroller?

what is a cat or kitten stroller?
Cat strollers are very similar to a child’s buggy, stroller or pushchair. They have the same purpose of being able to travel with your cat and also offer them a safe, secure and protecive environment to rest in. Think of it as a very comfortable ‘cat carrier’ on wheels, though a stroller offers them a smoother ride than a plastic box! Cat strollers are designed for all shapes and sizes of cat. They are pefect for cats and kittens alike.
Cat strollers, prams and buggies also feature durable ventilated mesh panels, so your cat can not only see the view on their journey, but they can also enjoy fresh the air which is perfect for them if they happen to be an indoor cat. Due to the design of the mesh panels the airflow circulates throughout the internal capacity of the stroller keeping it well ventilated which will also help keep your cat or kitten cool in the warmer weather. The mesh windows also have the added bonus of keeping annoying insects out, which would only irritate your cat.
a cat in a protective weather proof cat stroller
Cat strollers with their protective weatherproof covering allows your pet to stay dry and snug during any trips in the wet, rainy and wintery weather. Cat puschairs are perfect for any time of the year, even in the summer the stroller and it’s protective covering will keep your cat guarded against the harmful UV rays from the hot summer sun. Cat strollers are perfect all year round and can protects your pet come rain or shine.
Cat strollers come in all forms of design, size and function. When browsing for a cat stroller you will be spoilt for choice. There are four wheel models, three wheel designs and cat trailers that attach to your cycle if your cat is an adventurous type! There are detachable strollers and strollers that can be used a car seat…the list is endless.

Great for you and the environment

Using a cat stroller is not only purrfect for your cat it's also great for you and the environment
A cat strollers can also provide benefits for the human owner too. Using a cat stroller is safer and easier than carrying your cat around in a cumbersome pet carrier. Cat pushchairs provide you with an easy, fun, and carefree way to transport your cat on busy city streets, parks, shopping centres, festivals, cat shows and other busy active locations.
Most cat strollers come with great storage solutions so you can push the stroller without the need of carrying large heavy shoulder bags that contain your cat’s essentials. All your cat or kitten’s food, water, treats, blankets and toys can be stored in the handy compartment situated under the stroller. Some cat strollers even have a handy bottle or cup holder situated near the handle, there may also be space for your mobile phone or keys.
Using a cat stroller is not only a healthy way for you to transport your cat but it’s also great for the environment too. These eco friendly cat buggies will get you and your pet from A to B, helping you save money on car fuel and any other expensive travel costs like taxi cabs. Cat strollers are also allowed on public transport, yet another way you can zip through busy traffic which can be much quicker than using your car.

Great for young, senior, disabled or injured cats

a cat stroller is perfect for kittens and old, disbaled or injured cats
Cat strollers are also a great way to transport senior, older, disabled or injured pets who need extra help with their mobility. Cat prams are also perfect for cats who suffer from athritis, leg and hip problems or even after recoverng from a serious operation.
When a cat is unable to walk very far they begin to really appreciate a cat stroller becuae, like humans, it gives many them opportunities to get outdoors and experience the sights. sounds and smells that they were used to when they were mobile.
The stroller compartment also provides your very young, vulnerable or senior cat with a means of protection from other sick animals when you are out and about or visiting the sickly waiting room at the vets.

Visits to the vets

a cat stroller is perfect for taking your cat or kitten to the vet
If you have to take regular trips with your cat to the vets then a cat stroller will help them relax more. They will have the comfort and privacy of their own ‘cat den’ rather than being placed in a cold plastic carrier box which is only ever used when taking them to the vets.
Cats remember and associate the plastic carrier box with a visit to the vet so they are bound to get stressed as soon as they are placed in one. By using their comfortable cat stroller as a way of transporting them to the vets, they will unaware of where they are actually going and be more relaxed ……well until they end up with a thermometer up their bottom!
Photo Credit: Lindsay Attaway via cc

Perfect for Kittens

a cat stroller is perfect for a kitten or a mother cat and her kittens
Kittens will also benefit greatly from a cat stroller, especially if they have to wait a few months until they can have their booster vaccinations. The stroller will protect them from any contagious infections that could be caught from the ground or the vet’s waiting room.
Cat strollers are also a perfect way to transport a young mother with her litter of kittens, without seperating them. The mother cat and her kittens will feel safe and protected if you should have to take them to the vets to seek medical advice.

Get your ‘indoor cat’ outdoors

Get your ‘indoor cat’ outdoors with a cat stroller
One of the best features of a cat stroller is that you are able to take your ‘indoor cat’ on exciting trips outdoors. If your cat is unable to go outside on their own due to the lack of a garden or outdoor space you can give them new and exciting experiences by taking them for outings in a cat stroller.
Many indoor cats also have a fear of going outdoors, so a cat stroller can provide them with a protective, safe and private haven where they can still experience the outdoors and breath in some clean fresh air.

Cat strollers perfect for apartment balconies

a cat in a cat stroller getting plenty of fresh air on an apartment balcony
If you happen to live in an apartment and have no garden space for your cat, then placing them inside a stroller on your balcony will ensure that they get all the fresh air they need. Apartments can get quite hot and stuffy in the summer, so a cat stroller is aperfect way to get them outdoors safely.
The secure cat stroller compartment is safe haven for them to rest in and the mesh panels will ensure plenty of air flow. The protective covering will also give your cat planty of shade if your balcony is a sun spot, and even if the weather changes quickly, your cat will still be protected inside the stroller compartment.
Photo Credit: Augie Ray

Cat families

a cat stroller is perfect for a cat family of more than one cat or kitten
Cat strollers are also invalubale for families with more than one cat. Taking your cats to a regular vet check up can be a breeze with a cat stroller. No longer do you have to carm your cats in a bulky, hard to carry cat carrier. With a cat stroller there will be plenty of room for your cats to relax.
You can transport your cat family quickly, efficiently and with ease. The privacy of the cat stroller will also relax your cats as you all make your journey out of the home and onwards to your destination.
Photo Credit: Cathy Frazier

Spend more quality time with your cat

Spend more quality time outdoors with your cat by using a cat stroller
A cat stroller will also allow you to spend more quality time with your cat. Most cats are left at home when owners take day trips or vacations. Some cats suffer from seperation or anxiety issues when left alone at home, so by using a cat stroller you can take them with you on certain outings and have peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe and secure with you.
Using a stroller will provide your cat or kitten a superb, comfortable mini home on wheels. The perfect mobile cat home, cat transport, cat carrier and and sleeping quarters all rolled in to one! Many cat friendly hotels, villas and B&B’s are happy for you to bring your pets but rarely supply you with an appropriate cat bed and bedding, with a cat stroller that’s all taken care of.

Their own personal space

a cat stroller provides your cat with plenty of privacy
A cat stroller can become a very personal space to your cat. A cat stroller can become their own little home that no one else can invade. The cat pram will be their own little ‘den’, a place where they can rest when your home is full of strangers or visitors. A cat pushchair can become somewhere where they can retreat to when they want some privacy, rest and relaxation.
Some cat owners who buy a cat stroller very rarely fold up their cat pram, because their cats get quite attached to the warmth and comfort of it. Many cats use them as a sleeping space during the day. So if you are considering buying a cat stroller because of it’s many multifunctional uses, your cat will love it, get plenty of use out of it and will love you for getting them one!
Photo Credit: The Flirty Blog